The following consortium of academic experts is brought together to tackle the scientific challenge and to realize this industrial innovation:

Prof. Francesco Contino and Ghader Ghorbaniasl (coördinator) and Chris Lacor (retired) from the Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Research Group and BURN Joint Research group from VUB, Tom Verstraete and the Aeronautics and Aerospace Department from VKI, Stefan Vandewalle and the Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics team from KULeuven, Joris Degroote and the Fluid Mechanics Research Group from UGent, Michel De Paepe , and the Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Research Group from UGent, Catherine Gorlé and Civil and Environmental Engineering team from StanfordUniversity. Jeroen De Maeyer (UGent), Jacques Langhendries (VUB) and ir. Bart Teerlinck (SIRRIS) complete the Consortium as valorization experts to help to realize its valorization targets.

EUFORIA is also endorsed by a ‘Users Committee’, consisting of Flanders based companies, which are privileged partners to pick up and valorize the project’s outcome. The Users Committee is active in different areas such as heat exchangers, CFD, software and energy engineering: